Ep 25. Dr. Colleen Spees. The Hope Garden, diet, red meat and cancer care.

This was one of my favorite episodes yet! Colleen is doing some incredible things at the Hope Garden in Columbus, providing cancer patients and survivors access to harvest fruits and vegetables. The best thing about this garden is that it is free for any cancer patient or survivor, even those who aren’t treated at Ohio State, or aren’t participating in a study. So, if you know of someone who might be interest, pass them on the info below! One of the most interesting things we talk about is a current study they’re working with where they’re actually providing cancer patients and survivors with 16 ounces of red meat a week and looking its effects on a variety of health outcomes. The red eat and cancer risk is a hot topic, but has a lot of misconceptions and is not as clear cut as the media tries to make it, so it was great to be able to dive into that with Colleen.  


Keep up with the Hope Garden here: http://spees11.wixsite.com/hope